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Towards a greener Beniel

Seven years ago, Beniel opened the EcoPark, a waste and recycling centre where the public can leave waste that is unsuitable for traditional containers.

Located at Crta. Zeneta, s/n, it is open to the public on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm.

Opening the EcoPark also prevents uncontrolled waste tipping, which cannot be removed by urban waste collection services. It also stops hazardous waste from ending up in the sewerage systems or posing a risk for operators.

The public can rest assured that it will be removed by authorised managers, who will then recycle or process it. A list of products and maximum amounts accepted per person, per day, and the types of waste that are not accepted is available.

  • Maximum amounts per person per day

    Materials Amounts
    Vegetable oils 10 Kg
    Motor oils 10 Kg
    Aerosols 5 units
    Electrical and computer appliances 2 units
    Car batteries 1 unit
    Electrical cables 5 Kg
    Household appliances 2 units
    Debris 50 Kg
    Fluorescent bulbs (tubes) 2 units
    Toys 5 Kg
    Wood 20 Kg
    Metals Unlimited
    Furniture 5 Kg
    Fridges 2 units
    Paper and cardboard Unlimited
    Plastic 5 Kg
    Batteries Unlimited
    X-rays 3 units
    Solvents 5 litres
    Paints 5 litres
    Pruning waste 20 Kg
    Clothes and footwear 5 Kg
    Glass 5 Kg

    You can download the complete list here.

    Materials not accepted

    • Mixed materials
    • Organic material
    • Specific industrial or business waste

At Sermubeniel, we try to implement all possible measures to develop the circular economy, so we try to recover all the materials contained in solid domestic urban waste.